With its unique cultural and innovative ambience, Schiffbauergasse offers its guests gastronomic variety at a picturesque location directly on the banks of the Tiefer See across from Babelsberg Park, a UNESCO world heritage site.


Ristorante Il Teatro

Following extensive renovation, this former chicory mill has been operating as a restaurant and beer garden since late summer in 2006. Hailing from the Mediterranean, its owner Giuseppe Riolo has transformed the mill into “Ristorante Il Teatro”. Located right next to the newly constructed theatre, its terrace promises guests fresh Italian cuisine and a wonderful view out onto the Tiefer See. The restaurant’s interior seats over 100 diners and exudes an atmosphere at once historical and Mediterranean.



Kantine des Hans Otto Theaters

Riolo also runs the Kantine des Hans Otto Theaters (Theatre Canteen). The canteen caters for more than the theatre staff and employees of the neighbouring facilities: the cultural quarter’s guests have also discovered its rich variety of food and drink.


Schiffsrestaurant “John Barnett”

Moored at the dock on Schiffbauergasse, the “John Barnett” restaurant ship is the right place for anyone who appreciates quality food and drink at reasonable prices. The menu features dishes ranging from light to substantial, with and without meat, and is inspired by central European cuisine. The restaurant also offers a superb view across the Tiefer See to Babelsberg Park, and during good weather guests can watch as the Schiffbauergasse’s on-going developments take shape.The ship is named after John Barnett Humphreys, the Prussian pioneer of steam-powered shipping. He built his wharf at this location in Potsdam in 1817/18, which also explains the origins of the name ‘Schiffbauergasse’ – ‘Ship-Builders’ Lane’



fabrik Café / fabrik Garten

The fabrik Garden, located directly adjacent to the former machinery hall which is now a theatre of dance, offers its guests an unobstructed view of the river Havel. The space between the Uferpark and the fabrik buildings on the Schiffbauergasse has a beer garden atmosphere evoked by a bar with beach volleyball and a camp fire surrounded by colourful fairy lights.


Damascus Express / mobile catering

Zed Hawari offers traditional tastes of the orient and is located adjacent to the fabrik Café.

Tante Käthering aka Tom Korn / mobile catering

With his mobile kitchen, Tom Korn aka Tante Käthering will provide lunchtime catering for “City of Flows”.
 Quality service meets wellbeing and simplicity.
“A simple dish can still be an intelligent dish”.
Seasonal ingredients; fruit and vegetables from organic producers in the local region: all freshly prepared on site – and vegetarian options are taken seriously.