Potsdam Congress Award for 'City of Flows'

Potsdam Congress Award for ‘City of Flows’

Our conference has been awarded the Potsdamer Kongresspreis - special mention for an event with interdisciplinary focus. We had a severe competition this year but we won! This is great news and a confirmation for our endeavor. (cf. Mediainformation of University of Applied Sciences)  


Saskia Sassen // THE GLOBAL STREET VS. THE PIAZZA. Till Nagel // MAPPING THE URBAN NOW Hanne Seitz // COMMENT: “Am I really here or is it only Art” (Laurie Anderson) Fabian Kessl // SO MUCH FOR A SPACE OF FREEDOM: AFTER THE PROJECT IS BEFORE THE PROJECT! Stefan M. Seydel / Tina Piazzi //...

Many Thanks!

We would like to thank all speakers, participants and guests for coming and hope you spent  inspiring days in Potsdam and have returned home with good impressions.
Vegetarian Cuisine Campaign  // Culinary Misfits @ City of Flows

Vegetarian Cuisine Campaign // Culinary Misfits @ City of Flows

Bent cucumbers, carrots with three legs and lumpy potatoes: anything that isn’t perfect never makes it to the plate, and certainly not the super market shelf. Every day, 30-40% of produce harvested lands in the bin. We, that is Tanja Krakowski and Lea Brumsack, want to change this and give the food misfits a chance....

Interview with Hermann Voesgen

Herr Prof. Dr. Voesgen, what changes are taking place in the relationship between the physical city and its inhabitants, i.e. the relationship between body and city? HV: New technologies are bringing about major changes to the relationship between us and our physically constructed environment. It began with the Walkman and the ability to create one’s...