Michael Migurski likes to explore the act of maintaining flow “from below”, and the actors and tasks whose continued participation supports it. Viewed from a great distance, our work as data visualizers appears to be riding a smooth current of urban information. Viewed up close, that current is made up of thousands of moments and decisions keeping it in motion. We name those systems and participate in the support of new ones as a way of being thankful for their contributions to a smooth experience.

Stamen partner Michal Migurski leads the technical and research aspects of Stamen’s work, moving comfortably from active participation in Stamen’s design process, designing data, prototyping applications, to creating the dynamic projects that Stamen delivers to clients. Michal Migurski has been building for the web since 1995, specializing in big, exciting datasets and the means to communicate and disseminate them to broad audiences for a variety of clients. He speaks publicly on these and other topics to academic and industry audiences, participates actively in a variety of open source development efforts, maintains an active weblog, and holds a degree in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley.