The Modern Library has changed from a book container to a space that reflects and supports the needs of the citizens. The building offers opportunity to add a new story about community building and knowledge sharing to the city history. The Library space is an innovative melting pot where man meets the idea. The Library enables citizens to relate to each other, to society and to the rest of the world.


Knud Schulz has been the manager of the Main Library in Aarhus since 1987. He is an educated librarian with a supplementary Masters degree in Public Management (MPM) from 2003.

 During the past years, The Main Library in Aarhus has focused on transforming routine library services from being staff driven into carrying a high level of user self-service.
 The library development strategy on staff competencies is the support of user processes and development of the interactive library supporting both lifelong- and experience based learning.  Currently, the Main Library is working with transforming from the familiar library in the building from 1934 to the Urban Mediaspace, which will be ready by the end of 2014. He is Networks
Chairman for and Member of the library advisory board at the Danish Agency for Libraries and Media
Board member of ”Mediehus Aarhus”
Halmstadgruppen – Nordic Conference Group
Idea house of the  
Masterclass in library building. Links,