The internet as a space in which nothing can be understood, and nothing can be shown.

Tina PiazziTina Piazzi holds Swiss Diplom degrees as a care specialist and social worker, has paralegal training and holds a Master of Science in Clinical Supervision and Coaching from the University of Vienna. Specialist teaching fields as a lecturer and professor for social work at FHS St. Gallen, University of Applied Science (1997-2007): social security, Europe and the Lake Constance region, auxiliary process planning/case management, social resource provision, practical training. Between 2007 and 2010 she worked for AG as Managing Director and was responsible for the conceptualisation and implementation of the trilogy: “Die Form der Unruhe” (‘The Form of the Upheaval’). She has been active as a coach and clinical supervisor for several years (member of the Berufsverband für Supervision, Organisationsberatung und Coaching, BSO – ‘Professional Association for Clinical Supervision, Organisational Consultancy and Coaching’) and likes to employ visualisations by depicting relational structures. Today she works part-time as deputy head of residence and prefect at the Benedictine Grammar School and Monastery, Disentis/Mustér, Switzerland. Links,