The internet as a space in which nothing can be understood, and nothing can be shown.

Stefan M. Seydel holds a Swiss Diplom degree in architectural draftsmanship and Swiss Diplom and MA degrees in social work (from the Berliner Zentrum für postgraduale Studien Sozialer Arbeit, ‘Berlin Centre for Postgraduate Social Studies’). Since 1990 he has been involved in the implementation of pilot and visionary projects related to local communities and social spaces. In 1997 he created spin-off intervention gmbh. Seydel has been blogging daily since 1995 and is known on the scene by his initials «sms». He founded and became’s first field correspondent outside of the USA, as such contributing to a Webby Award nomination in 2006. Seydel is active as an author and cultural commentator on a broad scale, and was a member of the executive committee of the Internationaler Bodensee Club (Head of the Specialist Group for Science), member of the jury for “Next Idea” ars electronica 2010, and since 11/2011 Vice-President of the P.E.N.-Club Liechtenstein. For years he has taught in areas such as project and quality management as well as management for social processes (FHS St. Gallen, University of Applied Sciences), and later in diverse contexts relating to Umgang mit Information auf der Höhe der Zeit (‘Handling Information at the Cutting Edge’) (e.g.: Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen, St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences). He has also worked as a specialist examiner for media technology (Thurgau Kanton) and social pedagogy (BFF Bern). Today, Seydel works as head of the residence and member of school board at the Benedictine Grammar School and Monastery, Disentis/Mustér, Switzerland. Links,,,